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Lyre strings

String sets for lyres and children's harps

Strings for children's harp

7 strings, pentatonic tuning: d’/e’/g’/a’/b’/d“/e“
10 strings, pentatonic tuning: b /d’/e’/g’/a’/b’/d“/e“/g“/ a“
10 strings, diatonic tuning: c’/d’/e’/f’ /g’/a’/b’/c“/d“/e“

Strings for soprano lyre, small:  27 strings, range a“- g
Strings for soprano lyre, large: 35 strings, range d’’’- e
Strings for solo soprano lyre: 39 strings, range d’’’ – c

Strings for alto lyre, small: 30 strings, range f“ – G
Strings for alto lyre, large: 39 strings, range f“ – E
Strings for solo alto lyre: 42 strings, range a“ – E
Strings for tenor alto lyre: 42 strings, range f“ – C
Strings for solo bass lyre: 54 strings, range c’’’ – G1

Single strings:
Orders for single strings can only be processed if in written form (fax, email) and if the following information is given: lyre model, instrument number, string note pitch (with precise octave indication).

We cannot accept orders by telephone!

IMPORTANT: We only supply strings for our instruments!