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String manufacturing

In our workshop, we handcraft strings for all types of chordophones with metal strings
Calculation of strings and vibrating string lengths for chordophones with metal strings
Bass strings with a vibrating string length of up to 240 cm
Extra thin descant strings
Overwound strings on different types of cores
Winding with copper or silver-plated copper (tarnish-resistance on request)

Various winding techniques

Winding from end to end
Winding of vibrating length only
Strings with different types of windings
String tensions according to your request

Materials used

Plain steel strings: made of tin-plated hard steel or of softer steel types formerly used for historic musical instruments
Winding wires: made of brass, bronze, phosphor bronze and copper (traditionally hand-drawn)
The strings are available with different-sized ball ends or loop ends.

Our strings are not produced industrially, but rather with a hand-regulated winding process. We also accept small orders.

On request, we are happy to offer professional advice to instrument builders.