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Music scores and CDs

Instrument learning materials

Ein Weg zur Leier (Gerhard Beilharz) – An introduction to lyre playing, suited for self-instruction.

Einführung in das Leierspiel (Susanne Heinz) – Suitable for self-instruction or for learning with a teacher. Marvellous pieces of music, as well as examples for practicing.

Die unendliche Spur (Martin Tobiassen) – A comprehensively developed work which includes several passages for practicing. Very detailed instructions and examples.

Lyre music CDs

Leier-Musik/Irisch & Klassisches – by Elfriede Kempter / Willibald Helbich
Leier und Klavier – by Elfriede Kempter / Fritz Heise
Festliches Leierspiel – by Felicitas Oswald / Willibald Helbich / Elfriede Kempter
JOY (Christmas music) – by John Billing
Stream – by John Billing
Turlough O’Carolan – by John Billing
Gifts From the Leier – by Tomoko Mino